Our 2019 international keynote speakers

Jaron Lanier

Scientist, Author, Musician
and Artist

Parag Khanna

Founder & Managing Partner of

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor,
Founder of Grameen Bank

Ian Goldin

Founding Director of the
Oxford Martin School

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A first-class agenda, world-renowned keynote speakers, and top national and international business leaders.


Europe, United States, China, emerging countries and new balances. What will the future world order we work in be like?

  • 14:30

    Donato Iacovone, CEO, EY Italy; Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 14:40

    Donato Iacovone, CEO, EY Italy
  • 15:00

    How do companies face the mutation of the power dimension?
    Riccardo Grassi, Research director, SWG
  • 15:15

    Keynote speech
    Parag Khanna, Founder, FutureMap
  • 15:45

    Fireside chat
    Manoj Juneja, CFO, World Food Program; Lucia Votano, Scientist
    Moderator: Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 16:15

    The new silk road
    Massimo D’Alema, politician; Umberto Vattani, Ambassador, President of Venice International University.
    Interviewed by Roberto Arditti, President, Kratesis
  • 17:00

    Alex Braga/A-MINT (Evolutional Artist)
  • 17:30

    Coffee break
  • 18:00

    Parallel workshop sessions

    European defense and security: evolution of the Italian supply chain for the national economic system;
    New services and new business models enabled by digital;
    Transformation of competencies.

  • 19:30

  • 20:00

    Cocktail and dinner


Technology is the true enabling factor for the development of products, services and, above all, new knowledge. And it will be people, all of us, leading the change. How?

  • 09:00

    New paradigms that make technology enabling and within everyone’s reach
    Riccardo Grassi, Research director, SWG
  • 09:10

    Paola Pisano, Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization
  • 09:30

    Keynote speech
    Jaron Lanier, Computer scientist, composer and essayist
  • 10:10

    Maria Savona, Professor of Innovation and Evolutionary Economics at SPRU University of Sussex.
    Interviewed by Luca De Biase, Journalist
  • 10:25

    Marco Simoni, President, Human Technopole.
    Interviewed by Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 10:35

    Andrea Zappia, Chief Executive Continental Europe, Sky
  • 10:45

    The Italian school of Internet
    Luca Attias, Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda; Luigi Gubitosi, CEO and General Director, TIM; Fabrizio Salini, CEO, RAI
    Moderator: Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 11:20

    Coffee break
  • 11:40

    Parallel workshop sessions

    Emerging technologies for the evolution of public and private ecosystems;
    Digitalization of the decision-making process and the new frontiers of Artificial Intelligence;
    Between Experience Economy and Customer Centricity;
    Transformation of work and organizational change in the digital era: culture, technology and skills.

  • 13:00


    Innovation is a collective concept. It does not innovate on its own but within an ecosystem by putting together customers and ideas at the center. So, how do we go about innovating today?
  • 14:30

    The challenge of total innovation and the risk of insignificance
    Riccardo Grassi, Research director, SWG
  • 14:40

    Keynote speech
    Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank Founder and Nobel Peace Prize 2006
  • 15:10

    Fireside chat
    Ilaria Capua, Virologist; Marco Gualtieri, Founder, Seeds&Chips
    Moderator: Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 15:40

    Silvia Candiani, Country general manager, Microsoft Italia; Mirella Cerutti, Managing Director, SAS; Stefania Pompili, CEO, Sopra Steria
    Moderator: Federico De Rosa, Journalist, Corriere delle Sera
  • 16:20

    Keynote speech
    Robert LoCascio, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LivePerson
  • 16:40

    Show speech - The Jackal
  • 17:10

    Coffee break
  • 17:30

    Parallel workshop sessions

    5G: from design to implementation. When technology fuels business transformation;
    Cloud computing: trend, governance operating models and opportunities;
    Leader metamorphosis.

  • 19:00

  • 21:00



Innovation and technology only make sense if they help people to live better. Who will assure we are moving in the right direction?

  • 09:30

    Workshop session

    Sense providing and CSR as consumer engagement tools Curated by SWG

  • 10:30

    Culture born on the job: between sharing and passion
    Riccardo Grassi, Research director, SWG
  • 10:40

    Luigi De Siervo, CEO, Lega Serie A
    Interviewed by Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 11:00

    Keynote speech
    Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalization and Development, Oxford University
  • 11:35

    From leadership to leaderness: the new humanism of business
    Anna Zanardi Cappon, PhD, Board Advisor and Change Consultant
  • 11:40

    New business models: people and digital
    Gabriele Benedetto, CEO, Telepass; Alessandro La Rocca, CEO, FS Technology; Marco Siracusano, CEO, PostePay
    Moderator: Giampaolo Colletti, Journalist, Sole 24 Ore
  • 12:10

    Merit and social mobility: challenges and opportunities
    Sabina Nuti, Rector, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • 12:20

    Keynote speech
    Rod Bristow, President, Pearson UK
  • 12:50

    Donato Iacovone, CEO, EY Italy; Riccardo Luna, Journalist
  • 13:00



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